About the company

Statera Solutions, LLC

Statera [staˈtɛːrə] is the Latin word for “balance” or “scales” as you can see portrayed by our logo. While it does directly reference accounting and the balancing of ones books, the idea of “balance” goes beyond simple debits and credits/cash-in and cash-out. It is a guiding philosophy here at Statera. We strive to find the balance in life and work, and our desire is to help you find that balance as well. When you’re juggling your various priorities of life and work, the last thing you want to deal with are those nitpicky financials. So, you keep putting it off, thinking “I’ll take care of it later.” Next thing you know, you’re feeling burned-out and the task of catching up on months’ worth of financial data seems insurmountable. This is where Statera can come along side you, helping bring your life back into balance, catching up your financials and setting up your processes for future impact and growth.

Wesley Scruggs

Wesley founded Statera in 2021 with a desire to see nonprofits and small businesses succeed. He has a master’s in accounting and over ten years of experience in banking and financial accounting roles. His career began as a bank teller, moving up to an internal auditor and staff accountant. Then he became the controller of a nonprofit university where he continued to increase his knowledge and responsibilities, becoming the director of business for the university. Wesley thrives in learning new systems and processes, and he loves coming along side those who aren’t as familiar with or passionate about finances and accounting. If he can do what he’s passionate about and free someone up to focus on what they’re passionate about, it’s a win-win.


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